Tower Work

John Sakach Co. is an experienced provider of rigging solutions for tower work projects. No matter the size, scope or nature of your work, the team at John Sakach Co. has the tools, expertise and dedication to craft solutions that are expertly tailored to your needs.

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01. Fabrication

A team of engineers and fabricators are available to model, assemble and deliver custom products and specific rope designs created to address your every issue or concern.

02. On-Site Inspection

John Sakach’s on-site inspection services include comprehensive evaluations to help clients ensure that they are in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. With every inspection, the John Sakach team is prepared to communicate their findings and provide recommendations for continued use, further testing or additional solutions.

03. Repair

A focus on delivering the best solutions for every customer means including the occasional need for repair or upgrades to those solutions. The team at John Sakach is happy to assist and guide you through any repair process and reevaluate your solution at any time.

04. Testing

Every John Sakach rigging solution is designed to meet specific quality standards, and thorough testing ensures that those standards are met.