The Commitment to Quality

With every solution and partnership, the John Sakach Co. team strives to demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards in the industry. The team does this through continually challenging themselves to improve quality management systems, safety, education and objectives, but also by complying with regulations and legal requirements that set standards for the industry. Below, you’ll find a few certifications that verify this commitment. Because a commitment to quality is not just about offering products and solutions that deliver the best results for client partners and customers, but also about delivering results that the John Sakach Co. team can trust.


ISO 9001:2015


Certifies requirements for a quality management system for an organization to consistently provide product that meets set standards.

Proof Testing Certifications

Requirements for load-testing and marking of special custom-design rigging accessories; applicability of ASME standards.

Corporate Quality Policy

Quality is an essential facet of the principles that guide the John Sakach Co. team daily. Without this commitment to quality, the team would be unable to deliver products that are safe, compliant and desirable. Staying true to this principle is crucial to the John Sakach Co. team’s vision to stand out in the industry internationally as a provider of incomparable solutions for their client partners.

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