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Without more than 60 years of management from team members at the height of their experience and expertise, it’s likely that the John Sakach Co. would not be in the place it is today. With an established history of leadership………..dedicated to acting as a total solutions partner and delivering solutions that go above and beyond.

Terry Driscoll, President

Long before Terry Driscoll became the President of John Sakach Co. he began working his way from the ground up, learning everything there is to know about the rigging industry. Terry joined John Sakach Co. in 1996 as a Sales Representative. His experience in this role was the foundation on which he built the wealth of knowledge that makes him the industry leader he is today.

23 years later as President of John Sakach Co., Terry continues to push the company forward with expert knowledge and innovation.

The John Sakach Co. Team

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Chris Fox

Outside Sales Associate

Barbara Weiss

Finance Administrator/Customer Service

Denise Malham

ISO Coordinator/Customer Service

Chris Harrison

Industrial Sales Associate

Amber Woolen

Government Account Specialist/Customer Service

Tim Mertz

Warehouse Manager

Rich Roller

Purchasing Manager

Juri Jussyp

Steel Product Advisor

Mike Lyons

Outside Product Advisor

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