Slingmax Distributor

Slingmax Rigging Solutions is a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-performance synthetic slings and multi-part wire rope slings and John Sakach Co. is a proud Slingmax distributor and fabricator of Slingmax Rigging Solutions products. We fabricate the most popular and versatile Slingmax products including single path slings, twin-path slings, wire rope slings, synthetic sling protection, and more. For more on Slingmax and their dedication to excellence, follow the links below.

Equalizer Block

The Equalizer Block is used to maintain tension on all...

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Slingmax Slings

Slingmax single path slings are lightweight, durable, and dependable–and are...

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Slingmax Twin Path Slings

The world’s first truly ergonomic sling, it has a bulked...

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SlingMax® Pad Eye Tester

This innovative product allows you to test the connection from...

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Wire Rope Slings

These wire rope slings are efficient, flexible, heavy-lift slings that...

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