Wire Rope Slings

For efficient, precision, and safe heavy lifting needs, wire rope slings are the reliable and versatile go-to solution. Wire rope slings offer the flexibility, durability, and unmatched abrasion resistance necessary to handle a wide variety of heavy-lift applications. John Sakach fabricates wire rope slings and accessories in a range of categories including Tri-Flex®, Gator-Flex®, and Gator-Laid®. To learn more about our selection of wire rope slings, or to inquire as to which option might be best for your lifting application, contact the wire rope sling experts at John Sakach Co.


Tri-Flex® Wire Rope Slings provide the best combination of strength and flexibility. Because of the Tri-Flex® sling construction, there is a large savings in material and machine costs in the larger sizes. This, combined with ease of use, makes Tri-Flex® Wire Rope Slings the slings for smart buyers.


Gator-Flex® Grommets are endless for heavy lifts that require short connection lengths. These slings can be made shorter than standard multi-part slings, but maintain all of their advantages. They are the most flexible grommets in the industry.


For heavy lifting, Gator-Laid® Wire Rope Slings are the most efficient and flexible multipart wire rope slings that meet all industrial and regulatory standards. This sling has metal sleeves for the splice connection and parallel-laid wire in the eyes. It is a heavy-lift sling that can be made in short working lengths. Gator-Laid® products were developed in conjunction with the offshore oil industry to provide the world’s best heavy-lift wire rope slings.