Safety Information

The John Sakach Co. team prides itself on its unparalleled commitment to safety in the rigging industry. Wire rope is, essentially, a complex machine, and like any complex machine, it requires thorough expertise and dedication to uphold the highest standards of performance and safety. With John Sakach Co., you can rest assured that you’ll always be working with the safest possible solutions.

John Sakach Co. ensures this commitment to safety through a variety of channels, including:

  • Proof Testing
  • Certified Welders on staff
  • Certified and Authorized Slingmax fabricators
  • Inspectors
  • NCCO Certified Trainer
  • Authorized Hoist Repair
  • Hydraulic Repair
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Downloads & Resources

Here you’ll find a few applicable resources and downloads relating to safety measures put in place by the John Sakach Co. team, relevant certifications, educational materials and more.